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Simplifying healthy lifestyle combining nutrition and genomics

Instead of “You are what you eat” one should follow “Eat what you are”. The reason is the majority of your body responses are governed by the your genes like your tendency towards a disease, being fat or extremely lean, whether you assimilate more carbohydrates or fats, and many more things. Understanding how your food interacts with genes can help in determining the subsequent responses towards it or to a certain chemical found in your food. The multidisciplinary field of science which unveils the understanding of the link between nutrition and your genes is known as Nutrigenomics.

Why Nutrigenomics is best?

It’s always confusing to follow necessary diet and exercise because of availability of a variety of diets and health tips in the market. However, the only thing which does not change is your genetic information. Knowing how your genes play an important role in underlying biological mechanisms can help you know about the right vitamin, nutrition, and food to take. Nutrigenomics based personalized diet and exercise plan helps you build unfold the new you.


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