Health Genomics

Health Genomics

Our Health Genomics is one of the most unique panels devised to optimize the overall health and wellness of people using gene-based personalized nutrition. The Health Genomics tests 180 crucial genes involved in the biological processes associated directly or indirectly with the onset of chronic diseases. This includes genes of the enzymes and biological component playing the role as a key factor in cholesterol metabolism, methylation, detoxification, oxidative stress, inflammation, insulin resistance, bone health, and iron metabolism respectively.

The results obtained from the test panel will help in providing you a detailed personalized recommendation which will include the following:

• A gene-based personalized nutrition plan

• Dietary goals for relevant vitamins, minerals, phytochemicals, and foods

• Requirements for nutritional supplementation, where required

A rigorous selection process is utilized when selecting genes for the test; only the most scientifically relevant genes are considered, and only those where a lifestyle intervention can modify the effect of the gene, are included. As research into the metabolic areas continues, and the body of evidence supporting the role of additional genes in the disease process is developed, new genes will continue to be added to the test.

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