Custom Projects

Custom Projects

For CROs we have an open array of services wherein any custom requirement related to genomics studies can befulfilled by our CRO service division. Genetic profiling of study subjects and development of assay are our key solutions.
Customized project design and execution, sample acquisition and processing, training on custom projects, designed as per the need of the customer, full time technical support.
At geneOmbio Technologies, we offer research services to ensure you achieve the maximum insight from your experiment.  Our team of molecular biologists, Bioinformatician, statisticians and biologists can work with you at every stage of your study, using our extensive expertise and knowledge to design and execute the steps to achieve your experimental goals.
Experimental Design
We will help you plan your experiment, assisting you in the selection of the most appropriate technologies and will advise you of your options for a balanced and statistically sound experimental design.
Data Analysis
We offer a comprehensive range of data analysis solutions.  From standard statistical methods through to powerful network and pathway based approaches and data integration techniques, we will work with you to tailor a bespoke analysis solution to suit your needs.  All analytical techniques used are clearly described in our comprehensive study reports and we ensure that you fully understand all aspects of your analysis. Our experience in genomics research strengthens, service capabilities in bioinformatics of genomes, exomes, transcriptomesand proteome. We offer a range of services including curation of bioinformatics databases, development of unique tools that advance discovery capabilities, or analysis of RNA sequence or DNA sequence data from NGS platforms. Scientists are spared with routine data management, analysis and reporting saving you valuable time to focus on research questions, while saving cost and lost opportunities.


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