Psychiatry Support

Psychiatry Support

Pharmacogenomic testing in psychiatry plays a major role in deciding the treatment regimen, as the ratio of variations in response to the treatment is significant. In this test, analysis is conducted for important genes in order help your doctor to predict your response to commonly prescribed psychiatry medications this will helps him to identify and choose a safe medication and its dose, most likely to work for you. Also he can avoid medications which are likely to cause side effects. It offers ‘Precision’ and ‘Personalized’ prescription management, for treatment of patients suffering from psychiatric disorders.

Most of antipsychotic and antidepressant drugs are covered under pharmacogenomics testing panels. Psychiatry Pgx testing offers testing in two variants:

1) Psychiatry PGx Basic – Comprehensive analysis of relevant genes to screen major mutations

2) Psychiatry PGx Plus – Comprehensive analysis of relevant genes to screen major and minor mutations

Who should undergo Psychiartry PGx analaysis?

Individual about to seek psychiatric treatment

Chronic patients who are not responding to the conventional treatment methods

Patients undergoing psychiatric treatment with multiple drug regimens/Polypharmacy

Reasons why your healthcare service provider should recommend Psychiatry PGx:

1) To identify a drug regimen or dose of a drug, most likely to work for you before you take it.

2) To adjust the dose of a current treatment regimen or recommend a different medication based on your genetic       makeup.

3) To identify the risks of serious side effects related to certain medication and avoid/minimize them.


PGx Plus

All genes analyzed for pharmacogenomics of SNRIs, Tricyclic Antidepressants, SSRIs,...
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Basic 2C19

Analysis of only CYP2C19 mutations for pharmacogenomics of drugs metabolized by this...
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PGx Basic Major

This test includes analysis of only major alleles from these genes. (CYP2D6 – MAJOR...
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Test CodeNameDetailsTechnologySample RequiredTAT
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3492Lorem, ipsum.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.Lorem, ipsum dolor.Lorem16 Hours
1432Lorem, ipsum.Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet.Lorem, ipsum dolor.Yes12 Hours

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