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We are a Biotechnology organization with a strong base in the area of genomics research offering one of the best infrastructures to undertake high end genomics research projects. Our specialization lies in providing services like Molecular Diagnostics, Contract Research, Animal Genetics, Pharmacogenomics and Nutrigenomics across the country.

Our core competency in Molecular diagnostics is in advanced human pathogen detection services based on state-of- the-art fluorescent chemistry and Real Time PCR Platforms.

With extensive research capabilities and rich experience, we have emerged as a prominent name for offering Contract Research Services in India. Weexecute R&D projects of economic significance for private sector pharma and biopharma companies as well as Government organizations. 

With the expertise in multi-disciplinary sciences of Pharmacogenomics and Nutrigenomics we offer “Personalized Health Solutions” by studying genetic makeup of an individual and guide him about his requirement of personalized medicines and personalized food, respectively.

We also offer specialized Animal Genetics Services, for infectious diseases and genetic disorders.

We are glad to share that we have accreditation as per by National Accreditation Board for Testing and Calibration Laboratories (NABL), ISO/IEC 17025:2017 and ISO 15189:2005€ for biology and medical testing respectively. Our R&D Facility is recognized by Department of Science & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science & Technology, Government of India.

Our Associations

Resilient Cosmeceuticals Pvt Ltd
Resilient Cosmeceuticals Pvt. Ltd. is a Pune (India)-based Pharmaceutical Company. It focuses on the manufacture of specialized products for dermatological and gynecological health with the support of Dermatology, Gynaecology & Physician specialties. The Company promotes its products ethically to qualified Doctors through a robust marketing setup with its reach deep into the pharmaceutical distribution network
GeneSupport is a nutrigenomics organization based on consultation of gene based diet and exercise. Nutrigenomics counselors guide an individual based on tendency for development and strength to manage lifestyle diseases after genetic testing in a DSIR approved lab. GeneSupport provides a wide-ranging test panel for prevention and management of lifestyle diseases. Cardiac diseases management, diabetes management are the major portfolios, whereas weight management and PCOS management are the most focused portfolios.


Continuously Engage in Biotechnology Research to Apply Innovative Concepts and Services for The Well Being of Community, to Provide Superior Quality Deliverables to Our Clients and to Offer Development Opportunities for Our Employees to Reach their Professional Goals.


To become the most reliable Biotechnology Organization for research and services by strengthening our scientific expertise.


We have a ‘state-of-the-art’ laboratory built to meet international testing and quality standards. The laboratory has automated fluorescent DNA sequencing facility, robotized real time PCR platform, and several variants of conventional thermal cyclers including gradient and conventional versions, automated PCR-ELISA platform, sophisticated gel documentation system and modern bio-safety cabinets to meet the current research and diagnostics requirements.

The lab design follows unidirectional flow of samples and reagents, with dedicated instruments for each service segment, to minimize the possibility of cross contamination.

We believe in excellence at all levels of performance. Stringent Quality Control Measures are set at all processing stages, ensuring accurate andreproducible results. We are aware that the technologies we used are highly skill based and require a lot of post analytical judgement to get the most accurate & clinically relevant results.

Hence our team consists of highly qualified staff to ensure this.

As an organization, we are conscious of our responsibility to lessen the test cost burden to the society; we are aiming to achieve this objective with improved efficiency and output gained from a centralized processing laboratory.

Scientific Advisory Board –

• All scientific research and development processes are guided by the prestigious Scientific Advisory Board.

• The board includes leading scientists and academicians in the fields of biotechnology, molecular biology, genomics, molecular diagnostics, nutrition and health from around the world.

• The Scientific Advisory Board helps to build foundation and future of the organization by advising their expertise and knowledge of the rapid changes in their specific fields.

• This advice helps to craft research and development process and build quality efficient services.

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