DNA Barcoding

DNA barcoding a tool for species identification and has become the master key to identify species. In this new and cost-effective technique, a short fragment of DNA sequence from a standard region of mitochondrial cytochrome c oxidase 1 gene "CO1ā€¯ called "barcode" is used. Nowadays, researchers all over, are resourcing this powerful tool for investigating biodiversity, differentiating cryptic species, testing food authenticity, identifying parasites, vectors, insect pests, and predators, monitoring of illegal trade of animals and their products, and identifying forensically important insects. It has become a tool for rapid species identification based on DNA sequences. We, at GeneOmbio technologies offer cost effective DNA barcoding based species identification service. We provide rapid species identification of unknown material and its species confirmation, also a comprehensive DNA barcode wet-lab and bioinformatics services. We followā€¦Internationally certified methods, equipment, software & procedural code for identification to ensure the confidentiality and accuracy.  


Plant:- Plant barcoding studies use plastid regions (e.g. rbcL, MatK) and the internal spacer regions(ITS) of nuclear ribosomal DNA.(Sample type;- Fresh plant organs)

Insects:- Animal barcoding studies use a region in the mitochondrial Cytochrome C oxidase 1 gene(COI)(Sample types:- Whole organisms are preferable)

Fungus:-Fungal barcoding studies use the internal transcribed spacer regions(ITS) in the nuclear ribosomal cistron. This region shows reasonable discriminatory power at the species level in many groups.

Work flow at lab:-

Step1: Isolate DNA from the sample                            

Step2:- Amplify the target DNA barcode region using PCR

 Step3:- Sequence the PCR product

Step4: Compare the resulting sequence against reference database to find the matching species using appropriate softwares.

Report:- Report of the test will be dispatched to the forwarding authority directly within 7 working days. We are here to assist you at any stage of study.

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