HCV Genotyping

Objective of this test is to determine the type of Hepatitis C virus based on its genetic composition. Before this test, doctors find out the quantity of viral load present in the affected individual. Once known, the type and subtype of the virus is determined.

 Knowledge about the genotype of this virus helps in determining a better treatment plan based on patterns of symptoms and severity of the disease. Ignorance of a treatment may lead to chronic liver damage and fatality in unmonitored cases. Having the genotype information in hand, transmission of a certain variant can be tracked and controlled.

 This test is required by patients in initial stages after diagnosis to administer effective drugs against the determined genotype of virus. The test carries out sequencing of the prevalent viral genome in the affected individual. The viral particles are sequenced letter by letter with advanced technology-based instruments.



Individuals exposed to this virus via sharing of needles and body fluids of an affected individual need to get this test. Blood tests are carried out and are easy to get done in a diagnostic laboratory facility. Lab-technicians carefully carry out the test to report presence of virus and the quantity of viral particles in the exposed patient.

 The result shows the genotype which can be genotype 1a, 2b or 3b; there are a total of 7 genotypes with genotype 3 being prevalent in India. These genotypes are studied for the most observed symptoms and effective treatments. This leads to quicker response to previously known symptoms.

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